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Alex Miller to Samuel Kirkland
Articles of Agreement between Mr. Kirkland and Eleazer Wheelock
Cornelius Davis to Samuel Kirkland
Deed -- Eli and Joel Bristol to Samuel Kirkland
Deed between Dorcas and Noah Niles and Isaac Williams
Deed between John and Hannah Griffin and Shubel Griffin
Deed between Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy
Deed between Trustees of Hamilton-Oneida Academy and Joseph Conger
Deed between William Cockburn and Abijah Hammond
Deed from J. Langer to the Trustees of Hamilton-Oneida Academy
Edward Wigglesworth to Samuel Kirkland
Free Mason certificate of Membership for Abel Merrill
George Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland
Hamilton Oneida Academy Trustees to Mr. Mistall, Jr.
Hok's letter to Mr. Harris (translation of)
John Sargeant to Samuel Kirkland
Lease between Joseph Bessey and the Trustees of Hamilton Oneida Academy
Oneida Declaration of Neutrality
Ralph W. Kirkland to Samuel Kirkland
Report of the Committee of the Senate